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Human beings use their minds to satisfy their curiosity about the unknown with their unlimited ability to learn. Sometimes the thoughts they create for the unknown get in the way of reality. In this way, many myths can be created. The robot themes used in science fiction movies are the product of these thoughts.

Both the influence of such movies and people’s own thoughts in their minds have led to the creation of many myths about robots.

The most well-known myth about robots is that one day robots that discover how to learn will take over the world and even use humans for their own purposes. However, developments so far indicate that this will not happen.

Are Robots Smarter Than Humans?

The human brain is constantly evolving and always open to learning. It is indisputably more intelligent than any creature on Earth. Robotic developments, which have developed with artificial intelligence studies, have contributed to the development of people’s dreams in this direction.

Although it doesn’t reflect reality, it has led to the spread of the myth that robots are smarter than humans. We think Garry Kasparov’s defeat by a computer in a chess match in 1997 probably contributed to this.

Robots have advanced processing power. They can compare many functions at the same time and come to a conclusion. But this does not make them smarter than humans. Robots can process the data uploaded to them.

This cannot be defined as a full ability to learn. Since robots cannot produce emotional data, they can help in the decision-making process. But the final decision is made by humans.


Robots Make Less Mistake Than Humans

People can sometimes make wrong decisions. In this respect, it can be said that people are open to mistakes. This is entirely related to the emotional state and knowledge of the person at that moment.

It is widely believed among humans that robots do not make mistakes. Considering the ability of robots to process data provided by humans, it is possible to say that this is not true. The artificial intelligence used in the infrastructure of robots can make many mistakes if the data is faulty. Robots do not even have the ability to detect their mistakes.


- Can process the data given to them,

- Can follow audiovisual work,

- Can work in challenging conditions,

- Can retain what they have learned and process for a long time,

But they can never take decisions independent of people.

Will Robots Replace Humans?

The fact that robots can be used in many areas and that artificial intelligence studies are developing day by day has led to the emergence of myths that robots will replace people and that people will be unemployed.

Robots are used in many business lines. However, the need for manpower will always remain. It is possible to say that in many areas, designs and final controls are carried out by humans.

Robots Will Evolve into Superhumans

The idea that robots will evolve into humans is the subject of the movie Terminator, but scientific data shows that this is impossible. Robotic data is used in medicine. It is even used to control some limbs. But these are realized through the interaction of electric flow and detection sensors. It is true that the robot’s computing power is improving day by day. But it is not possible for them to evolve into humans.




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