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On December 15, 2022 the Istanbul Robot Museum was opened under the status of Special Museums under the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums of the Ministry of Culture All the robotic works that AKINROBOTICS has done in the last 13 yerars since its establishment are exhibited.

The adventure of robot development, which started with the robotics department established under AKINSOFT in 2009, was exhibited for the first time in 2015 at Cadde Meram Cafe & Robotics Application Center in Konya. Cadde Meram Cafe & Robotics Application Center, which completed its task with the AKINROBOTICS Humanoid Robot Factory becoming operational in 2017, left the task of exhibiting the robots produced by AKINROBOTICS to AKINROBOTICS, Turkiye’s first humanoid robot factory.

A part of the AKINROBOTICS Humanoid Robot Factory in Konya has been transformed into an area where the produced robots, various circuit boards and components used in robots are exhibited. With the technical visits to the factory, the society was introduced to robotics. AKINSOFT Istanbul Plaza was designed in a structure that can accommodate a museum in the building during its renewal period. It was planned with the mission of introducing robotics to Istanbul, as well as being a green building candidate that can generate its own electricity and reuse rainwater. Established on a total indoor area of 1024m², Istanbul Robot Museum welcomes its guests with interaction areas on 2 separate exhibition floors and areas where visitors can communicate with social robots.

With the explanation of expert guides on robotic technologies, those who visit the Istanbul Robot Museum will be able to closely examine and observe the historical development of;

  • 105 Robots produced and developed by AKINROBOTICS
  • 214 motors and engine parts used in the production of robots
  • 805 electronic circuits developed by AKINROBOTICS
  • 442 mechanical products
  • 241 sketches
  • 8331 robotic products in total

Istanbul Robot Museum - About Us

There are robot trials, artificial intelligence humanoid robots, social robots, service robots, agricultural robots, field robots, cleaning robots, industrial robots, and industrial solutions and many more robotic works are exhibited in the museum. In the museum, also Intelligent Actuators, BLDC Motors, Control Circuits, Development Kits, Plastic Injection Molds, which are produced locally by AKINROBOTICS and used in robotic studies, and there is a special section where you can see the experience, and knowledge of the architect of all these studies, Chairman of the Board Ph.D. Özgür Akın and his work in this technology adventure.

Visitors will witness the development process of AKINCI, Turkey’s first humanoid robot, and will explore the Cadde Meram Cafe & Robotics Application Center, established by AKINSOFT in Konya, which retained the title of the world’s first robotic application center during the period when waiter robots actively served. They will also have the chance to obtain sufficient information about the application areas and usage patterns of all the products we have produced and to gain experience in the interaction areas prepared for them.

Museum visitors will witness the unique times that they will never forget with the experiences they will gain in the interaction areas during their visit. They will be able to play TIC-TAC-TOE by fighting fiercely with the robot arm, watch how our Quadruped robot ARAT overturns obstacles and tracks, experience chatting and dancing with our ADA-7 robot, as well as seeing how the robot imitates the movements of the visitors and get lost in time with the interaction wall, and step into digital reality. Mini ADA, which has gathered with countless children to date, will be waiting for its fans and curious little friends at the Istanbul Robot Museum. Children will be able to dance and interact with robots and participate in robotic activities in workshops specially prepared for them.

Özgür AKIN Ph.D. AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS Chairman of the Board
Özgür AKIN, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Board

Özgür AKIN, Ph.D.

AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS Chairman of the Board

He founded AKINSOFT on April 12, 1995. He graduated from Selcuk University with a degree in Computer Engineering, completed master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and doctoral degree in Robotics Technologies at the Institute of Science. He made AKINSOFT one of the biggest software companies of Turkey through over 120 commercial and sectoral programs he developed, especially ERP E-Business software, exporting software supported in 7 different languages to 36 different countries.

In 2009, he started R&D activities on humanoid robots with the robotics department he established as a part of AKINSOFT. He blazed a trail developing the Turkey’s first humanoid robot prototype 2-legged AKINCI series, agricultural robots PNCR series, service robots ADA series, hostess series Mini ADA and field robot ARAT series. Moreover, he opened Cadde Meram Cafe & Robotics Applications Center which is the first cafe in Turkey that the humanoid robots serve at. He achieved another international success by opening the "World’s First Humanoid Robot Factory", AKINROBOTICS, which he had laid the foundations for in 2015 for the mass production of the prototypes he developed, in 2017.

At the same time, he opened the "World’s First Humanoid Robot Museum" in Istanbul, where all the works carried out by AKINROBOTICS in the field of robotic technologies since 2009 are exhibited. In addition, with the cooperation of AKINROBOTICS and BAHÇEŞEHİR UNIVERSITY the Artificiall Intelligence and Robotics Tecnologies Master's program was opened to realize the 2023 vision.

By signing a technology cooperation protocol between Medicana Education Group MBA schools and AKINROBOTICS Social Robot Mini ADAs started their education life as honorary student in MBA Schools. Turkiye's first "Academic Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Scholarship" was realized in partnership with AKINROBOTICS and Haliç University. The Artificial Intelligence and ROBOTICS R&D Center will offer students career opportunities in Turkiye through internship and certificate programs.

He held more than 100 seminars under the name of "Touch Your Utopia" in many institutions and organizations, especially in Universities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry. In addition, Özgür AKIN, Ph.D., is the author of book which name is "Touch Your Utopia", in the 2014-2015 academic year; He gave lectures as a lecturer in the Department of Mechatronics Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Karatay University.

As well as having hobbies such as skiing, sailing, diving, mountaineering, photography, writing poetry, playing musical instruments, horse riding, motor sports and playing tennis, Dr. AKIN is also known for its animal lovers aspect. Known for his strong social personality besides the scientist identity Özgür AKIN, Ph.D. continues to work with the aim of serving science and humanity.