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Why You Should Visit the Robot Museum?

In order for children to grow up and develop in a healthy way, they need to participate in social and cultural activities as well as eating well and engaging in physical activities. Museum visits enable children to develop socially and culturally.

Robot Museum does more!

When talking about the professions of the future, one of the first professions that comes to mind is undoubtedly robotics engineering. The first rule of success in robotic engineering, which is a sector that is developing every second in the world and in our country, is to want a lot!

Istanbul Robot Museum enables children to get acquainted with robotic technologies and learn what is done in this field in our country. Our museum is also very entertaining for adults!

What Will You See in the Museum?

By visiting the Istanbul Robot Museum, you can meet our robots that are completely produced in Turkiye.

In the museum, you can meet;

Mini Ada, which works at airports, educational institutions, openings,
Quadrupped Robot ARAT,
Social Robot Ada,
Agricultural Robot AS-PNCR,
Waiter Robots and many more!

Circuit boards used in the development of robots, first prototypes, motors, and many other robotic products are waiting for you in the museum.

In addition, you can see the area that was prepared exactly the same as the environment in which Akınsoft was established, consisting of the computer, desk and working environment used in the initial stages.

For all these and more, we invite you to the Istanbul Robot Museum!



Frequently Asked Questions

The museum entrance fee is 170 TL at the box office for visitors aged 3 and over, students, teachers and visitors over 65 and 200 TL at the box office for other visitors.
You can buy your online ticket for 150 TL with the 25% discount opportunity valid only for online purchases. For school groups of 50 people and above, a discount is applied. CLICK HERE to buy your online ticket!


MuseumPass is not valid in our museum.

For individual visits, you can make a reservation by choosing the day and time on our ticket page. For school groups, it is necessary to make a reservation by contacting the museum at 0212 509 89 20 before the museum visit. In case of a change in the reservation date or if the trip is canceled, we kindly ask you to call Istanbul Robot Museum and inform the relevant person as soon as possible.

The duration of the museum tour varies depending on the group and typically lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. If the tour is combined with an event, the duration may be extended depending on the content of the event.

1 teacher is free for 15 students. In order for the museum visit to be the most productive, we recommend that our teachers visit our museum before coming with their students.

In order to visit the museum, you need to buy a ticket again.

We have museum staff to assist you in our museum. You can also benefit from the mobile audio guidance service by scanning the QR codes in our museum from your phone. For group visits of 15 people or more, our museum staff accompany you and provide guidance support.

The name of Android (Humanoid Robot) ADA, developed by AKINROBOTICS, consists of the initials of "Android Developed by Akınrobotics" and is also inspired by the world’s first female software developer Ada Lovelace.

You can take photos in our museum without using flash and without touching the artifacts.

The founder of the Istanbul Robot Museum is Dr. Özgür AKIN, who is also the founder of Akınsoft and Akınrobotics.